Ways to Drive Away the Opossum in Your Attic

Maryland opossums do not have an aggressive behavior. Since they do not have true defense, they will prefer to escape once they are disturbed. They will also have to change their nest a couple of times to keep safe from the predators. Their body temperature will not be the ideal environment for the pathogens and virus, which lowers the probability of disease transmission. However, they can still make your house look unsightly and unsanitary.

Getting Rid of the Annapolis opossums in Your Attic
If you are hearing the scurrying noise in your attic, you possibly have an unwanted guest in your house. Usually, you will only have to create an environment that is less-appealing for the opossum. You can also set traps and hope that the animals will be captured.

Simple Scare Tactics
As we mentioned in this article, the Annapolis opossum can get easily scared. By creating loud noise, you will be able to make your place uncomfortable. Simply playing a radio and tuning in to the talk station can scare them away. You can also clap or stomp your feet. The opossum might show a sign of aggression such as hissing. However, this is simply a form of intimidation. If you scare them more, they will go into shock where they will assume a lifeless state. You may also scatter fur of the dog at the areas where the opossums are frequenting.

Eliminating their Access to Food Sources
You should never intentionally feed the opossum since this will serve as an invitation to them. The opossums will be drawn into a place where free foods are available. By removing these food sources, your property will become less-inviting. Make sure that the opossums will not get an access to your trashcan. You may secure it by placing heavy objects on top of the cover such as cinderblocks. You can also use bungee cord to keep it safe from the wild animals. The scent of the pet food can also attract opossums. Feed your pet indoors and store the pet food properly.

Using Traps
If the opossums are already in your attic and you can’t wait for them to move out, you can use live traps to capture them. If you are planning to use lethal traps, you need to be aware on the local policies related with it. This will guarantee that you are not breaking any laws. You should place the trap along the trail of the opossum. You may also place it close to the nest of the opossum. When releasing the opossum, you will only be allowed to release them close to the place where you capture them.

Opossums are harmless creature and can even help you control the insect infestation in your house. They seldom carry diseases that can be transferred to humans. However, they can rummage your trashcan that will make your place unsanitary. If you plan to keep them away from your house, reducing the attractant would be an excellent solution. You may also seek the help of the professional who will guarantee that you will not have to deal with the same situation in the future.

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