How Long Will It Take to Maryland Exclude Squirrels?

Getting the Annapolis squirrels out of your building takes a great amount of patience and effort. The time needed to complete the removal process may vary depending on the method that you choose. While the squirrel may appear to be harmless, they also have destructive behavior that can cause serious problems to our home. They will chew different materials inside the building. They can also carry heaps of microorganisms that may cause dangerous illnesses.

How Long Does It Take to Eliminate the Annapolis Squirrels in the Building?
When eliminating the squirrel infestation in your building, you want to know the duration of the exclusion process. This can guarantee you that it will not put too much disruption to your business. This is essential especially if there are businesses renting the space in your building.

Understand Your Situation
Studying your situation is necessary if you want to end your squirrel problems. This will help you choose the best removal method that you should use. Start by determining if there is a squirrel nest in your building and if there are baby squirrel. In case there are babies, you will realize how tricky and challenging the removal process can be. The mother squirrels are extremely protective of its young ones. You might want to wait until the babies are big enough to survive on their own. Analyzing your situation will also give you different information such as the population of the squirrels in the building and the usual movement patterns of the squirrels. You will also identify the source of the infestation. They can be using your building to escape the cold weather or there may be source of food in your building.

To ensure that the squirrels can be successfully excluded from our property, the exclusion process should include preventive measures. Start by sealing all the possible entry points of the squirrels. Understand that this creature can access our property using a tiny and insignificant hole. If there are trees close to the building, it is time to trim those branches. A thorough inspection is necessary to guarantee that all possible entry holes will be sealed. Use a material that the squirrel will not be able to chew such as steel plate of hardware cloth. Using substandard material will not stop the problem.

Trapping Methods
Once you sealed the entry points and there are squirrels left inside the building, trapping may be the best method to get rid of the remaining squirrels. We do not encourage you to use poisons since this method is inhumane and often illegal. Since you are managing a building, you want your tenant to remain safe and live traps are the better options. Make sure that you have all the essential equipment when using this method. You should also be very familiar on the local laws to avoid legal problems.

Once you successfully trap the squirrel, you need to know the appropriate place to release it. The entire process can last for a day if you have a simple case of infestation. However, for those with a serious case, this may last for a couple of weeks.

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